Creating a User


To add a user just click the ‘Create New User’ button on the Users page and you will be taken to the Add a New User page.


User Details

First you will need to provide the user’s details. Enter their First Name, Last Name, Email and a temporary password. Don’t worry about the password - when you tell the user they have been added just make sure you tell them to go to the login and click the ‘forgot password’ link to set their own password.

All that is left is to select the Parent Organisation the user belongs to.


You will also need to select the User Role, for which you have the following options:

  • Viewer: A viewer, as the name suggests, is capable of viewing the platform but not taking any actions (such as adding, editing or creating audiences).
  • User: A user can view the platform and also take actions such as creating and exporting audiences. However, they can not add users or properties.
  • Admin: An admin has full permission to view the platform, create and export audiences as well as add, edit and archive properties and users.


Finally you will need to decide on the user’s level of access. You can either specify by the organisation, which allows the user to see data for all properties within the organisation; Or, if you want more control, you can specify access by individual property.