Properties Overview

The properties overview page enables you to create a new property, get a run down of all of your organisation’s properties and change settings for each of those properties. At the top right you will see the ‘Create New Property’ button - to find out more on how to create a new property click here.


Every property is listed as a separate row in the table. By default each row shows you the following information - though you can select the data you wish to be displayed using the Column Selection dropdown menu:

  • Property: The name of the property (typically the domain we are seeing data from).
  • Organisation: The organisation the property belongs to.
  • Feature State: These green circles show what settings have been enabled for each property.
  • Created By: This shows how the property was added. For instance; Dashboard means it was automatically detected and added.
  • Created: When the property was added to the system.
  • Last Updated: When the property details were last changed.
  • Actions: The ability to Edit the Property6 or Archive the Property7.

If you have a large number of properties you might prefer to use the ‘Quick Search’ console to find the property you require. You can also change the number of properties that show in the table and navigate by page using the options below the table.

Finally you have the ability to export the property list as a CSV file using the Property List Export.