Once the Carbon tag is deployed, those with admin accounts will be able to change the tag settings for individual sites. This means you have complete control over settings such as performance metrics (e.g. log performance and heartbeat), fingerprinting, and data resale including which partners your data syncs with.

To manage these settings simply navigate to “Admin” from the top right account drop down menu, then click on the property you wish to review the tag settings for. By clicking on the “script” tab you will then be presented with a range of settings including a set of tag options as shown:


Each of these settings can be turned on & off:

  • Tag Active: Enable/Disable the tag completely.
  • Heartbeat: Sends a request every 30 seconds to measure dwell time etc.
  • Log performance: Records page performance for internal analysis.
  • Scroll depth: Logs page events to assist with bot detection or interaction visibility.
  • Page metadata: Hooks into meta tags or data layer object to improve contextual measurement.
  • Fingerprint: Cookieless tracking, has page performance impact so do not enable.
  • Integration type: Data resale setting for partner integration type.
  • Allow data resale: By turning this option on we are able to sell your data into data sync partners. You can specify which of our sync partners you would like to sell to by ticking next to the approved ones.
  • Custom event tracking: In order to use audiences based on niche actions to your site, users can introduce 'custom event tracking'. For example; tracking clicks - such as ad or affiliate link clicks.