Exporting an Audience

It’s really straight forward to export an audience from Carbon to your DSP. All you need to do is click the Row Action button for the audience you want to export. Then select ‘Export’ from the menu that is shown. You will now be shown an overlay with your export options.

Audience export execution export audience@2x

All that is left to do at this stage is simply select the DSP you want to export to from the DSP selection area. Then finally click the ‘Audience Export’ button. At this point you will be taken back to the Audience Overview screen and, typically, within a few minutes you should see the audience status change to ‘Synced’. This is confirmation the export is underway.

You should see the container for your audience appear in your DSP pretty quickly (often within 5 minutes) but it takes longer for results to start coming in. Normally you will see data within your container within 24 hours but depending on when things were ran and various cycle times it can be 24 hours before data will start to populate in your DSP.