Deploying via Google Tag Manager

If you already have Google Tag Manager (GTM) on your site and you want to deploy the Carbon script using GTM then this walk through should cover everything you need.

1 - Login to your GTM account and make sure there are no pending workspace changes.

2 - Click the ‘Add a New Tag’ link.

3 - You will now be asked to select a tag type. From the ‘Custom’ area select ‘Custom HTML’.

4 - On the next screen you will need to give your tag a name. For ease just call it Carbon or Carbon DMP. Then paste your carbon script into the HTML area.

5 - Below the ‘Tag Configuration’ area is the ‘Triggering’ area. Just click in there to select your trigger. By default you should have a trigger called ‘All Pages’, select that trigger and then click the ‘Add’ button.

Note: If for any reason you don’t want to fire the Carbon tag on all pages you will need to check the GTM help articles and create a trigger that meets your requirements. Alternatively drop your account manager an email and we’ll be happy to help out.

6 - With the HTML added, the trigger selected and the tag named you are now ready to save the tag. To do so click the ‘Save’ button and you will be taken back to the workspace overview.

7 - You should now see that there is 1 workspace change. You can select ‘Preview’ if you want to check site performance and tag behaviour before you put the tag live. Or alternatively, select ‘Submit’ and you will need to provide a version name and description before clicking ‘Publish’ which will put the tag live.

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