Tag Deployment

There are two common ways to deploy the Carbon tag. For the majority of users it’s either deployed through a tag manager or it’s added manually to the site code. In this article we will cover the latter. If you need help deploying the tag via a tag manager then please read the FAQ article 'Deploying via Google Tag Manager'.

<!-- Carbon Analytics -->
  }(window,document,"script","//carbon-cdn.ccgateway.net/script","cca",window.location.hostname, "PARENT_ID");
<!-- Carbon Analytics -->

You should have been sent a code snippet from your account manager that looks like the above. If you haven’t then please get in touch.

The code should be placed inside the of each page. For best performance the tag should be placed as close as possible to the opening tag.

When you have added the code and updated your site you can either login to the platform to check the code has been deployed correctly or you can drop your account manager an email and they can take a look for you.