Intent Match Unit

Used to display an ad unit powered by Intent Match from Carbon. Various unit templates are available, the current default unit uses 4 intent based search hot spots.

<div id="imunit"></div>
var _ccads = [
    "test": true, // Used only when testing, remove in live environment
    "parentId": "xxxxxxxx", // From Carbon Reporting Platform
    "adType": "intentmatch",
    "container": "imunit", // Target container div
    "trc": "intentmatch",
    "template": "c",
    "customName": "test", // Pass in a template when available
    "relatedDomain": "", // Optional. The domain which hosts the related page
    "market": "us",
    "site": "",
    "url": window.location.href,
    "width": 300, // Set the width of the ad unit
    "height": 250 // Set the height of the ad unit
<script src=""></script>

Currently available unit sizes are 300x250, 300x600, 320x50 and 728x90 as well as a native unit available on request.