SearchBox Ads

In order to add a searchbox to a page use the code below. The search term is passed in from the query string.

<div id="searchcontainer"></div>
var _ccads = [
    "test": true, // Used only when testing, do not use in live environment
    "parentId": "xxxxxxxx", // From Carbon Reporting Platform
    "adType": "search", // Set the unit type as SearchBox
    "adCount": 5, // Number of ads returned, maximum 5.
    "container": "searchcontainer", // Target div
    "trc": "searchbox", // Do not change
    "market": "us", // Relevant to site
    "termParams": ["query", "q"], // Which query string params to accept as the search query
    "customName": "test", // Pass in a template name, if available
    "site": "", // Pass in site domain for reporting
    "width": 1024, // Optional. Set the width of the search box
    "height": 768 // Optional. Set the height of the search box
<script src=""></script>

To test the unit you can use the following query string parameter: